We won the 2016 award for best use of glass in a domestic project

2016 State & National Award for Best Use of Glass in a Domestic Project under $20,000

Adelaide Glass Guys was rewarded this year, 2016 State & National Award for Best Use of Glass in a Domestic Project under $20,000 by the South Australian Glass and Glazing Association.

Adelaide Glass Guys supplied and installed balustrading to this impressive residential property with a mezzanine floor and custom glazed handrails. The latter was engineered in consultation with the builder, and the glazed panels in the stair area were also required to meet precisely designed templates. Despite these challenges, this complex job was completed in just three days.

We are the proud recipients of 2016 Work Health & Safety Award for SA Glass & Glazing Assocition

2016 State Work Health and Safety Award for the South Australian Glass and Glazing Association

This award was given to Adelaide Glass Guys by South Australian Glass and Glazing Association (AGGA) for addressing the problems of lifting and carrying glass for the installation of pool fencing and balustrading. Carrying pieces of glass up to 80kg caused significant strain on workers’ back, knees and arms, with some jobs requiring up to 15 pieces of glass to be moved up to 60 metres. The solution was an A-Frame trolley which could access narrow spaces, and sourcing appropriate back braces to reduce strain when lifting sheets on and off the trolley.


Glass Balustrades Installed By Us For A Suburban Adelaide Client's Home

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Our range of frameless glass balustrades are suitable for residential or commercial projects. Our balustrading adds safety security to any property with our guarantee on each product installed by Adelaide Glass Guys.

Some glass balustrade systems require specific structural preparations before installing. Our expert team are more than happy to discuss these requirements with you or your builder to ensure that all necessary reinforcement work is carried out prior to installation of any glass balustrade or glass pool fence.

Also we have a huge range of hardware options and finishes to choose from, stainless spigots, champs, glass panels, etc. So you can tailor your glass balustrade system to your exact requirements and budget.

See our latest project installed by Adelaide Glass Guys in Adelaide below:


We use superior quality, Australian glass panels which are extremely easy to clean

The easiest way to clean glass panels

At Adelaide Glass Guys, we are often asked by our clients what is the best way to keep our glass panels clean for pool fencing and balustrades. While its true that all panels need cleaning, there is the right way and the wrong way to extend their life span and look.

All you need to know is that pool fencing or glass balustrade panels are very different from other type of glass around your home. Don’t simply think any old glass cleaner will do the job, as most glass cleaner’s leave residue or thin glaze on the surface of the glass.

The easiest way to clean your glass panels is with warm water and using a soft microfiber cloth or sponge to remove any dirt. We recommend to clean the glass every two to three months. But of course the more frequently you clean them, the better they will look.

To give your glass panels a whole refresh, if you haven’t done so for a while, using the same technique as above, but with a small amount of soap, meaning normal dishwashing liquid and not glass cleaner. If you have tough marks such as bird droppings you may need to use a sponge to remove those.

Once you’ve cleaned the glass surface, simply hose off the residue with clean water. We recommend hosing off before the detergent dries up to avoid streaking and residue being left.

We find that the above steps are enough to keep your glass panels nice and clean. You can as another additional step, use window cleaner and paper towel on the glass to create an even greater shine, but this requires alot more effort and elbow grease.

Our frameless glass pool fences are in adherence with Australian government's pool safety regulations

Pool and spa safety regulations

As a swimming pool or spa pool owner you are responsible for safety.

Drowning is the biggest cause of accidental death for young children. Most occur in private backyard swimming pools. You can reduce the risk of accidents occurring in your swimming pool or spa pool by adequately fencing your pool and ensuring young children are supervised at all times.

In a life-threatening or urgent situation phone the emergency services on 000.


All swimming pools or spa pools must have a continuous safety barrier maintained by the pool owner that restricts access by young children to the pool.

If you are a property owner and are selling a property with a swimming pool or spa pool built before July 1993 you must make sure that the safety barrier meets today’s standard for new pools. Fencing must be constructed in such a way to make sure that:

  • the fence is an effective barrier to young children
  • it is permanent
  • young children can’t crawl under or climb over it by using foot and hand holds
  • it is at least 1.2 metres high
  • any boundary fences used as part of the child-safety barrier are at least 1.8 metres high on the side that faces the pool, with a 900 millimetres non-climbable zone at the top inside of the fence, a boundary barrier may be climbable on the neighbour’s side.

Gates to the pool area must:

  • swing outward from the pool area
  • be self-closing from any position
  • be fitted with a latching device, out of reach of small children, at least 1.5 metres above ground level.

Click on the following for more information about pool fencing regulations.

We offer the whole range of glazier services to residential and commercial clients in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs

Professional Adelaide Glaziers

Windows are an essential part of almost every building, but if the most appropriate glass is not installed in the first instance, they can also be its most vulnerable point. Windows let in destructive ultraviolet light and heat, can form an inviting entry point for intruders and they can even cause injury.

At Adelaide Glass Guys, we specialise in all things glass in Adelaide and deliver exceptional results. We’re ready to provide you with the glass replacement services you need when you need it most.

Quirky or eclectic, classic or contemporary - choose your style and we will install a coloured splashback matching the same in your kitchen

Kitchen and Laundry Splashbacks

Glass Splashbacks are a safe, affordable product  that creates a feeling of depth, light and space in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or office.

Our extensive range of glass splashbacks are affordable and made of quality products. Most people in Adelaide prefer coming to us to find a solution for their glass splashback needs, as we have a huge array of colours to choose from. Safety is of the highest concerns at Adelaide Glass Guys. All our glass is toughen to the highest safely standard.

Affordable Adelaide pool fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

More people now days are choosing frameless glass pool fencing due to it being both being practical, secure and more affordable than ever before. Furthermore having a clear glass fence offers a level of safety along with opening up spaces previously confined by staineless steel and aluminium fencing.
We at Adelaide Glass Glass, offer pool fencing solutions which strictly adhere to highest of Australian standards. In order to help give our customers the peace of mind, we offer warranty on all our glass products. So are you looking for a frameless glass pool fence in the Adelaide area? Contact us today by filling out the form on our contact us page, or give us a call on 1300 714 115 for an obligation free quote!
Residential balustrades in frameless glass panels done for a client's balcony in Morphetville

Glass Balustrades

There is nothing quite like a clear view from your balcony or patio. Glass balustrades are a must have for people wanting to get the most out of their panoramic view. With various fixing methods, our glass balustrades are also available in semi-frameless and frameless products.


We build and install all our glass balustrades with high quality toughened glass and products to guarantee a safe balustrade to protect your family. Our reputation is based on our ability to work with you or your builder to tailor custom solutions to meet everyone’s needs. We know exactly how to beautify your home or business with our high-quality glass at affordable prices.

All of our glass balustrades meet current Australian standards, so you can be confident that your commercial glass solution holds the highest levels of safety, as well as representing the modern style and value for money that we have built our name on. Contact us today or phone for a obligation FREE measure, quote and consultation. Call today on 1300 714 115