The easiest way to clean glass panels

We use superior quality, Australian glass panels which are extremely easy to clean

At Adelaide Glass Guys, we are often asked by our clients what is the best way to keep our glass panels clean for pool fencing and balustrades. While its true that all panels need cleaning, there is the right way and the wrong way to extend their life span and look.

All you need to know is that pool fencing or glass balustrade panels are very different from other type of glass around your home. Don’t simply think any old glass cleaner will do the job, as most glass cleaner’s leave residue or thin glaze on the surface of the glass.

The easiest way to clean your glass panels is with warm water and using a soft microfiber cloth or sponge to remove any dirt. We recommend to clean the glass every two to three months. But of course the more frequently you clean them, the better they will look.

To give your glass panels a whole refresh, if you haven’t done so for a while, using the same technique as above, but with a small amount of soap, meaning normal dishwashing liquid and not glass cleaner. If you have tough marks such as bird droppings you may need to use a sponge to remove those.

Once you’ve cleaned the glass surface, simply hose off the residue with clean water. We recommend hosing off before the detergent dries up to avoid streaking and residue being left.

We find that the above steps are enough to keep your glass panels nice and clean. You can as another additional step, use window cleaner and paper towel on the glass to create an even greater shine, but this requires alot more effort and elbow grease.